Frequently Asked Questions


Are all your products natural and organic?

Yes. Here at Shimmer, Shine & Glow we guarantee you our products are 100% natural, using Australian owned organic ingredient.

How long after I use my face mask will I see results?

In order to see results, clay masks should be used at least 2-4 times a week. Results will slowly start to show after you have been using it for a minimum of 3-4 weeks.

How do i know which mask will site my skin type?

For normal skin type, either mask will work fine. If your skin is sensitive or dry the soothing clay mask will be best for you as the minerals are strong enough to clear your skin, and light enough not to irritate your skin.

How long do the Clay Masks, Skin Elixir and Bath Salts last stored?

If masks are stored correctly, away from direct sunlight, and unused clay away from moisture, the clay will have a shelf life up to 2 years, along with our elixir oil. However our bath salts, will store for 6-12 months depending on how it is stored and if kept away from moisture it can be stored longer.

Why did i break out after using the clay mask?

Break outs after use of the mask? This is very common, not everyone that will use the mask will experience this, the reason why some people may experience breaks out after the masking is actually because the mask is bringing out that built in oil and dirt hidden underneath your skin, for your skin to cleanse and look fresh, you need to bring out the unwanted toxins from your skin, thats why your skin may break out, what next? continue to mask as directed, the mask will eventually free your skin from all the unwanted toxins leaving your skin looking and feeling fresh.

How long does it take for my express package to be dispatched and delivered?

SS&G have 24 hours process and dispatch your order when a express order has been placed, once your package is dispatched, you will than need to follow up the Australian post for further delivery details.

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