Relaxing Lavender And Vanilla Bath Salts

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If pregnant, please seek medical advice before use.
Relax in the heavenly fragrance of lavender and vanilla while Himalayan and Dead Sea salts detoxify your skin and replenish the minerals lost in your busy day. Helps balance pH and aids sleep and relaxation.
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Proudly Australian made. All natural, vegan, organic, and cruelty-free.



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Relaxing Lavender and Vanilla Bath Salts

100% Natural Ingredients: Dead Sea salts, Himalayan salt, Bentonite Clay, Vanilla fragrance, Lavender buds, and Colour Royal Purple (all natural ingredients).


Dead Sea salt is packed with healing minerals that occur naturally in our bodies, but are often lost due to our hectic lifestyles. Soaking in this salt helps replenish the body and aids in treating skin conditions.

Himalayan salt detoxifies the body by balancing systemic pH. It improves hydration by providing trace minerals, and helps balance blood pressure by providing unrefined, mineral-rich salt in an ionic solution. Lavender has healing and relaxing properties and combines with vanilla to create a heavenly aroma.

If pregnant, please seek medical advice before use.
Fill bath tub with water at desired temperature, sprinkle in a handful of the bath salt mixture and stir to dissolve.
Immerse yourself in the fragrant water and enjoy!

Store in a cool dry place below 25°c
If irritation occurs discontinue use.
For external use only.
Organic, vegan, cruelty-free.
Product of Australia.


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