Where it began…

EST in 2017, Shimmer, Shine & Glow bring to you the world’s finest skin care products using only the earth’s purest natural ingredients.

Our story

I wanted to invest in healthy skincare products, I wanted to be able to understand what ingredients are at the back of the label, to know exactly what was going on to my skin without having to research each ingredient, Shopping around at my local supermarkets i came across so many products, but as usual they are full of harsh chemicals. I decided to head home and do my own research, understand exactly what are in those products, looking deeply into them, i finally understand that more harm than good can come from unnatural products. That is when i decided to do my own research on natural ingredients.

After so long of researching, mixing and blending ingredients, testing and trialing on friends and family that loved to get involved, I had finally creating pure natural skincare products that when it was applied, you could feel, and see the difference.  I than decided that this is something i’d like to share with the world. That i wanted to change the way people took care of the skin, to show them that natural products do make a difference to your skin and health that is why SS&G was created. 

We hope to be the best part of your skincare routine.